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zsh and Local by Flywheel

Instructions for how to run zsh and Oh My ZSH in a local site using Local by Flywheel:

run one-single command to install zsh + Oh My Zsh, try the following (it’s the commands above but concatenated and slightly modified to allow for a one-liner). Step #1 is still required.

Right-click on the site and go to “Open Site SSH”


apt-get update && apt-get install -y zsh git wget && (echo 'zsh' >> ~/.bashrc) && (wget -O - | sh); (echo 'alias wp="wp --allow-root"' >> ~/.zshrc); zsh

If you’d like to break apart each step you could…
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Barbacoa & Big Red Festival

Not quite Barbeque but the word Barbacoa comes close enough! Close enough to take the short drive from Austin to San Antonio to enjoy the savory and sweet combination of Barbacoa tacos and Big Red. General Admission is $5 and kids under 12 years of age can attend free. More information can be found on this Facebook page.


This would be my first ever B&BR Festival so I’ve set minimal expectations; there will be Barbacoa tacos and Big Red to wash it all down. So it can’t be too much of a disappointment, can it?