zsh and Local by Flywheel

Instructions for how to run zsh and Oh My ZSH in a local site using Local by Flywheel: run one-single command to install zsh + Oh My Zsh, try the following (it’s the commands above but concatenated and slightly modified to allow for a one-liner). Step #1 is still required. Right-click on the site and… Continue reading zsh and Local by Flywheel

Remove Product Add-on form entries from Gravity Forms

As of Gravity Forms Product Add-ons v3.2.1, if you prefer to ever create form entries within Gravity Forms you can use the following filter to remove future form submissions: add_filter(‘woocommerce_gravityforms_create_entries’, ‘__return_false’);

Zombicide Black Plague Custom Cards PSD

This Zombicide Black Plague PSD is an enhanced version of Patrick Galbraith’s and includes guides to optimizing printing for Printer Studio Custom Mini Cards, with additional room for bleed. Also added is the ability to customize your own colors for enchantments, card backs, and magic. Link: http://cld.wthms.co/V4H7aa


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