Customer-centered service

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the nine years I’ve spent in the service industry. I’ve worked in different places including retail stores, call centers, and online support. The different work environments gave me the opportunity to work with a multitude of teams and customers. Regardless of what environment you’re working in, being a part of a team that is able to approach service from the perceptive of the customer, will set up any brand for success.

Reading Delivering Happiness Hsieh writes:

“Make customer service the responsibility of the entire company, not just a department.”

In order for Hsieh to build the Zappos brand, he first set a standard for what all employees must embody – customer service. Remembering that customer service is the primary reason you’re doing your job will set you up for success. The responsibility to positively effect a customer’s happiness is not that of a single employee, but that of every employee.

When times are tough or deadlines are closing in, we can lose sight of providing customer-centered service. As a team, we must remind each other to keep the customer in mind as we do our own individual tasks. This especially goes for the team leaders.

It’s never too late to make a change. If you’re a part of a team that rarely loses sight of the fundamentals, embodies a strong culture, and shares the same passion for exceptional customer-centered service, you will become more passionate about your job and customers will become more passionate about your service.

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